US Open 2023
Independence High School
Saturday, November 18, 2023
Sunday, November 19, 2023

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Good luck to all of the Competitors, Coaches, and Parents!!
All Competitors must have a valid photo ID
All Weigh-Ins are just before your first match
All Weight Classes are MAXIMUMS with your uniform ON
DateDay of WeekApproximate TimeDescription
11/18/2023SaturdayMorningGI - All Teen Divisions
11/18/2023SaturdayMorningGI - All Kids Divisions
11/18/2023SaturdayAfternoonNOGI - All Teen Divisions
11/18/2023SaturdayAfternoonNOGI - All Kids Divisions
11/18/2023SaturdayAfternoonGI - Purple Belt Divisions
11/18/2023SaturdayAfternoonGI - Brown Belt Divisions
11/18/2023SaturdayEveningNOGI - Purple Belt Divisions
11/18/2023SaturdayEveningNOGI - Brown Belt Divisions
11/19/2023SundayMorningGI - Black Belt Divisions
11/19/2023SundayMorningGI - Blue Belt Divisions
11/19/2023SundayAfternoonGI - White Belt Divisions ( Juvenile, Adult, Masters )
11/19/2023SundayAfternoonNOGI - Black Belt Divisions
11/19/2023SundayEveningNOGI - Blue Belt Divisions
11/19/2023SundayEveningNOGI - White Belt Divisions ( Juvenile, Adult, Masters )
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