Pride Championship 30
John F Kennedy High School
Sunday, March 3, 2019
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Good luck to all of the Competitors, Coaches, and Parents!!
ALL Competitors must have a valid photo ID
The weight classes are MAXIMUMS with the GI ON
DateDay of WeekApproximate TimeDescription
3/3/2019Sunday7:45 AMWelcome - Doors Open
3/3/2019Sunday8:00 AMKIDS Weigh-In Starts
3/3/2019Sunday9:00 AMKids Divisions - 2013, 2014, 2015
3/3/2019Sunday9:15 AMKids Divisions - 2012
3/3/2019Sunday9:30 AMKids Divisions - 2011
3/3/2019Sunday10:00 AMKids Divisions - 2010
3/3/2019Sunday10:30 AMKids Divisions - 2009
3/3/2019Sunday11:00 AMKids Divisions - 2008
3/3/2019Sunday11:15 AMKids Divisions - 2007
3/3/2019Sunday11:30 AMTeen Divisions - 2006
3/3/2019Sunday11:45 AMTeen Divisions - 2005
3/3/2019Sunday12:00 PMTeen Divisions - 2004
3/3/2019Sunday12:30 PMJuvenile Divisions - White / Blue - 2002, 2003
3/3/2019Sunday1:00 PMBlack Belts - All Divisions
3/3/2019Sunday1:00 PMBrown Belts - All Divisions
3/3/2019Sunday1:30 PMPurple Belts - All Divisions
3/3/2019Sunday1:45 PMBlack Belt Open Divisions
3/3/2019Sunday1:45 PMBrown Belt Open Divisions
3/3/2019Sunday2:00 PMBlue Belts - Adult Divisions
3/3/2019Sunday2:30 PMBlue Belts - Master Divisions
3/3/2019Sunday3:00 PMPurple Belt Open Divisions
3/3/2019Sunday3:15 PMWhite Belts - Adult Divisions
3/3/2019Sunday3:45 PMWhite Belts - Master Divisions
3/3/2019Sunday4:00 PMBlue Belt Open Divisions
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