Gentle Art Challenge V
Cal Expo Center
Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Good luck to all of the Competitors, Coaches, and Parents!!
ALL Competitors must have a valid photo ID
ALL Weigh-Ins are just before your first match
DateDay of WeekApproximate TimeDescription
2/22/2020Saturday9:00 AMWelcome - Registration Opens
2/22/2020Saturday9:00 AMSpectators Purchase Tickets At Event Booth
2/22/2020Saturday9:00 AMCompetitors Check In At BJJ Booth and Receive Entrance Bracelet
2/22/2020Saturday9:00 AMOn Site Registration Will Be Accepted
2/22/2020Saturday9:00 AMT-Shirts Will Be Available While Supplies Last
2/22/2020Saturday10:00 AMKids GI Matches Will Begin
2/22/2020Saturday11:30 AMKids NOGI Matches Will Begin
2/22/2020Saturday1:00 PMAdults / Masters GI Matches Will Begin
2/22/2020Saturday2:30 PMAdults / Masters NOGI Matches Will Begin
2/22/2020Saturday3:30 PMAdults NOGI Open Division Will Begin
2/22/2020Saturday~We will do our best to get everyone matches
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