Pride Championship 36
Hofstra University
Saturday, June 6, 2020
Hofstra University
David S Mack Physical Education Center
900 Fulton Avenue
Hempstead, NY 11549

Online Registration Closed

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The brackets will be organized by software, so that athletes from the same team will face each other no later than the semi final match.
All the medals will be awarded on the mat at the completion of the division. The T-shirt are to be picked up at the event's T-shirt booth.
Athletes who place in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their division will receive a medal at the event.
There will be only 2 (two) trophies group for this event (Adults and Kids).
There is a limit on the number of athletes in order to guarantee a high quality event. We will be posting info on the social media.
PRIDE reserves the right to close registration when we reach full capacity, or on the day of the appointed event registration deadline, whichever comes first.
Before each fight, athletes will be asked to show their valid form of photo identification(ID) to the officials.
It is the parents responsibility to bring valid ID for their child competitors
All Divisions with 4 or more competitors will have a 'fight for 3rd' place match

White and Grey Belt Kids may be mixed in groups similar in age and weight.
Grey and Yellow Belt Kids may be mixed in groups similar in age and weight.
Yellow and Orange Belt Kids may be mixed in groups similar in age and weight.
Orange and Green Belt Kids may be mixed in groups similar in age and weight.
Girls and Boys born 2017 - 2009 will compete TOGETHER in their respective belt/weight division.
Girls and Boys born in and before 2008 will compete SEPARATELY in their respective belt/weight division.

***If there are two or more girls AND two or more boys in the same division, we may split them into separate divisions.

There are no Open divisions for Kids.
Juvenile Open is only to middle weight category and up.
The weigh in will be right before your first fight.



We are going to give a full refund to any competitor that we are unable to provide a safe and competitive match for. During the registration period, review the list and see if there are competitors in your division. Until 2 (two) days before the event, anyone that does not have a match is entitled to a full refund. But you also may request a change on your registration, subject to be approved. If you wish to receive a medal for your division and compete in the open division ( Blue, Purple, Brown, Black ), you are not eligible for a refund.

This tournament is organized by the co-founder Milton Regis - BJJ black belt VI.

Double check your registration information on our website on the registrant list.
Make sure that all the information is correct. If there are any issues contact us immediately.
Make sure to have a clean gi or a no gi uniform in proper condition according to IBJJF rules. We will have a checker Gi.
Make sure to bring a picture ID to the event, the absence of ID can lead to DQ. Adults and Kids.
Make sure to check the schedule at our website. Failing that, schedules are posted at the event.
The athletes must keep the kimono and belt tied to the waist at all times while in the waiting or competition area.
The referees are black belts and makes the final decision.
The athletes are not allowed to jump over the fences/barricades in the competition area.
Make sure to get to the event at least 45 minutes prior to your division schedule. You should be warmed up by the time your bracket is called.
At the designated time, go to the warm up area, wearing your GI and a picture ID.
The ring coordinator will be wearing a vest with the ring number for your division.
After the ring coordinator call, go to the weight in area, to check weight and have your uniform inspected.
Be respectful to the staff, officials other athletes and coaches. In turn they will show you the same courtesy.
Be respectful to the referees, showing consideration and appreciation for the performance of his or her duties.
The referees are black belts and MAKE the final decision.

(Kids Competing in 4 and 5 year Old Brackets)
Submissions are allowed but the referee will restart the fight from standing and both of the competitors arms will be raised.
They will receive a Gold medal and each of them will count as 1(one) point towards their academy score.
Weigh in: An extra scale will be available all day, and all competitors must double check their weight in order to avoid disqualifications.

Spectator Fee $15 At the Door
Kids 5yrs old and under Free
Seniors, Veterans 65+yrs $5
1/26/2021 2:20:19 PM PST